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Why can't I upload my image?

Last Updated: Dec 10, 2014 04:17PM EST
First, our apologies for the frustration. We know how important photos are to your site! Having a gorgeous, professional photo taken only to not be able to upload it is a headache.
Your photo is most likely over our file size limit of 5 mb (megabyte). Five megabytes is equivalent to about 5,000 kb (kilobytes). You can reduce the file size without making the photo smaller with a free tool like JPEGmini (
To see the file size of any given photo, right-click it and select Get Info on a Mac or Properties in Windows. It should say something like “5.43 mb.” And voila, the file size is the culprit!
If you still can’t upload your image after making the file size smaller, contact us!

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