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How can I register my domain anonymously to protect my privacy?

Last Updated: Jul 01, 2013 02:40PM EDT
As an escort, dominatrix, body-rub provider, dancer, or similar professional, privacy is one of your top concerns. You want to keep your professional and personal lives separate. But in the age of Google, reverse image search, and other tools, it can be tricky. Registering your domain name anonymously is arguably the most important way to keep your name, address, and other identifying details hidden from prying eyes.

You may not realize that there are simple ways of checking who owns a certain domain name, so if you registered your name (e.g.,, there is a big chance your personal details (such as name and address) are out there for anyone to check. (If you got a domain name as part of your Premium membership with Escort Design, don't worry -- it is registered anonymously.)

To see if your personal details are secure, visit and search for your domain name (after removing the http:// at the beginning and any extra / at the end -- e.g., our domain name is simply and not

If your details are not hidden, then you will have to contact your registrar about getting the details hidden (ask if they offer ‘domains by proxy’). Unfortunately this option is not available for,, and other country-based domains, so the only way to hide your personal details would be to have a company register the domain for you. This fact alone is why we recommend our clients to register with .com or another domain that offers private registration, so your details remain hidden like this:

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