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Can I see the location of clients who make bookings?

Last Updated: Oct 30, 2014 01:12PM EDT
You may be curious where a new prospective client is located. There are two places to see this in the Bookings tab. 

The first is the IP address and country, which is determined automatically – this indicates where their internet service provider is located. A tool like IP Tracker ( can give you even more details about city, area code, and more. However, you can’t tell someone’s address or exact location. And sometimes an internet service provider covers such a large area that it isn’t useful or is even wrong -- an IP address for an AOL user might indicate he is in the UK when he is really in Spain or Germany. So to recap, the IP address can be helpful but will not tell you a client’s exact address and should not be taken as gospel.
The Meeting Place field is more helpful, because the clients submitted this themselves. If you’re ever curious where a client is located because you are traveling, they appear to be far away, or you just need to know, their email and phone should be included in the booking, so feel free to ask.


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