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How do I make my escort website more secure?

Last Updated: May 04, 2015 10:53PM EDT
We know many of you are concerned about your content being stolen and want your identity hidden from stalkers and those you know in your daily life. And in light of constant regulatory changes in the industry, having a safe, secure escort website is more important than ever. 

To address your concerns, we've made it so you can decide how private you want your website to be, from fully visible to the public to locking your website for verified admirers only.  

When you sign up for your Escort Design website, by default we’ve set it to "Safe," our recommended secure setting. This puts you in control of who sees your photos. All of your photos and models are locked for verified admirers only, but the rest of your website is visible to the public. 

Displaying too many photos publicly can put you at risk. Our "Safe" mode provides just the right balance of securing your privacy and enticing new admirers. 

You can easily change your settings anytime by going to privacy settings in your site builder.

In addition to securing your photos, you can also block admirers from viewing your locked content. Just go to your Privacy tab:

You’ll see a list of admirers who have signed up to access your secure content or clients who have recently booked through your site. Just click on the red X next to the person you’d like to block. They won’t be alerted, but the next time they visit your site your protected content will be hidden from them.

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